Robin’s Nest Global Child Canada is an entity based in Canada administered by a board of directors, sending resources to Kenya and India in the support of disadvantaged children, and their villages.


As we work, we rely greatly on the Local Community Advisory Committee in Kenya and India, along with the area chief, social services and the general community for advice before we move forward with any development projects and cultural issues. Our staff and volunteers love each child, and they believe that children and quality education are the key to the future success of our global villages.


The directors aim to grow this work to empower more children with the opportunity to live a quality life with at least some of the opportunities that most Canadian children have: clothing, a nutritionally-filled stomach, a safe home and an decent education.


It takes advocacy, the promotion of children sponsorship and donation programs to fulfill these goals. Your involvement and generosity has a significant impact on the lives of these forgotten citizens.


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